Hey Skype, How about *Real* Mobile VoIP for Symbian?

Well now that AT&T is allowing VoIP over 3G for the iPhone, Skype’s first priority should be to the *Biggest* cellphone manufacturer (Nokia) and operating system (Symbian) to improve the non-VoIP mobile client they call Skype “lite” that uses local phone numbers… pretty darn useless! What we want is VoIP over WiFi and 3G.

How about it Skype? Do you want my Nokia N85 VoIP business that runs on Symbian… or will you let all the mobile VoIP prospects go with someone else (56% of the *total* 2009 market sales if you include Samsung who uses the Symbian OS)…? …Apple has 1/3 the Q2 2009 smartphone sales as Nokia.

I am holding my breath!

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