Why I Chose an Android HTC Inspire 4G rather than an Apple iPhone 4

My great friend and mentor (and supervising Professor) Lawrence Schkade (Scotty to the community) asked me:

“Why did you choose to buy android instead of an iphone?”

…and here’s what I replied:

  • I will never buy a ‘proprietary’ system when a good ‘open source’ option is available…
    • they charge too much
    • they give you fits if you ever consider integrating with somebody else’s brand/technology
    • they have a general arrogance that borders on rude
    • their owners think that every body else is a fool

…in all truth, I did buy an iPhone 3GS on the day that they came out for $200 (with a 2-year contract extension… two years ago), then promptly put it on ebay and sold it for $630, bought my Nokia N85 for $280 and put the $150 difference in my pocket [thanks ATT]… I knew at that time that I wanted an android phone, but not just then (July of 2009) because Android was not a real player in the market and I thought that Nokia’s Symbian OS (which they had just made Symbian OS open source) was the only other major player that was NOT Apple or Microsoft or Blackberry… Since then Nokia has done very poorly in the smartphone space… and I can tell you why!

  • I really like HTC… they have been flying under the radar for 4-5 years making great OEM phones for ATT, Google and others… great quality/durability/functionality…
  • sooooo, when the newer versions of Android came out (2.2 and 2.3: read: stable and powerful with lots of apps that are targeted at business) and
  • higher bandwidth 4G was a reality, and [iPhone won’t do that]
  • bigger, high-resolution screens, and [same as iPhone]
  • faster processors along with all the functionality I can imagine (at least til Android 4.0 gets here) [same as iPhone]
  • I can read books, listen to classical music (and a little jazz) [same as an iPhone… but I don’t have to mess with proprietary iTunes or Apple Books …or Kindle for that matter]
  • I can swap out batteries if one gets low… I went out to ebay and bought four additional batteries that I carry in shaving kit when I travel, in briefcase when I am around town… and just do a quick swap (four additional batteries cost me $13 delivered to my door!!)… [iPhone won’t do that]
  • I can swap out up to 32Gig microSD cards [iPhone won’t do that] if I ever run out of the 8Gig already in place
  • $0 with 2 year renewal of my contract  ($200-300 less than a new iPhone4)… I jumped on it
  • …and lastly… it ain’t an iPhone (just look at me Scotty… do I look like an iPhone type of guy???)

In the vernacular of today’s student who really cannot explain why he/she does what he/she does… “It was a no-brainer!!”  J

PS I never really even considered an iPhone… it was between Sprint and ATT for service and between HTC, Samsung and Motorola for the Android handset. I really wanted to go with Sprint but they would not let me test a phone to see what kind of signal I would get at my home office… and I am kinda on the outskirts of Sprint’s 4G footprint. Sooooo, now you know…. Are you happy you asked?

Best regards,  J

On 7/20/2011 3:30 PM, Lawrence Schkade wrote:

Why did you choose to buy android instead of an iphone?

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