How do Tablets, Smartphones, Notebooks fit into use cases and application cases of user and organizational needs?

The way I have envisioned displaying device capability of the different “use case” areas (mobility, productivity, gaming, audio/video, networking, processing…) and “application case” compatibilities (for specific environments like Microsoft online services (Office 365 or DymanicsCRM), SAP…) is on a ‘radar chart‘ so that a device and a user pattern can be established to match the functionality of the device with the needs of the user. Here is an example from Wikipedia:

Example of a Radar or Star Diagram
A Radar diagram shows multiple variables on different scales

I am yet to establish what the scales would be (because they would have to both be fixed to show improvements over time, and be scalable so the device pattern does not grow increasingly larger over time with improvements in device capability. The way that is commonly used is with log scales, but log scales greatly decrease the visual impact of patterns on a radar chart… Right now I am inclined to just have a fixed scale and worry about the improvement issue over time at a later date…

Anyway, the ability to map ‘use cases’ and manipulate the order of the variables (put them in priority order) is a powerful, graphical tool (snapshot) for an organization to ‘see’ the difference between devices (like the example of laptops and tablets for productivity functions), and to match the device functionality to a user profile. I think this would be very helpful for organizations to both assess the viability of different platforms *and* to justify specific solutions for support (one of the greatest challenges in today’s organization is to limit the number and diversity of the devices that are supported)…

I am quite sure that the visual impact of radar charts for the difference in ‘use cases’ between between platforms (‘what is the best platform for our users?’ …smartphone, tablet, notebook, netbook…) would be excellent for general technology publication… and that charting the functionality for ‘application cases’ would be an excellent tool for specific organizations with the need to select devices from among the many alternatives within one specific platform (‘what are the best tablets for my IT environment?’).

What do you think?  J

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