… Why would Pirelli *want* to produce a rapidly degrading F1 tire?

Formula1 represents the pinnacle of automotive performance… a balance between incredible automotive effectiveness (adhesion, acceleration, braking, aerodynamics…) and system life (long enough to take the checkered flag and live within the rules for multiple races). Why would Pirelli supply tires that quickly lose performance, degrade, shred, and go flat? I do understand that as a “sponsor” they want to have their name mentioned during the races. I would think, however, that most the mentions of the brand are in very negative contexts. Would I really go out and buy a tire whose primary advertising centered on short life and quality degradation? I think not…. Personally, Pirelli tires are at the absolute bottom of my list for replacement tires.

I also understand that Bernie wants more changes of lead and passing during these contests. Well the F1 field seems to be doing that quite well without Bernie’s meddling with Pirelli’s tires… So, Bernie and Pirelli, let’s make some tires that are truly worthy of both of your brands… then let the drivers and constructors battle it out on the circuit…